Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us for Your Allergy Test?
  • Uniquely, Allergy Test UK Ltd train testers to treat the underlying causes of allergies and intolerances as opposed to merely treating the symptoms; thus offering an end to the cycle of symptoms and eliminating the need for prescription drugs and traditional remedies.
  • The method used is non-invasive, quick and, most importantly, painless.
  • Tests produce immediate results and also include a free vitamin and mineral deficiency check.
  • It is a completely diagnostic therapy that complements traditional medicine.
  • All testers are fully qualified DipBER practitioners.
  • All ages can be tested using this method.
  • Personal elimination programmes are provided.
  • Advice on supplements, nutrition and diet is given during the course of each appointment.
  • Retests are provided to ensure that results are monitored regularly, remedial action is taken quickly if advice followed does not appear to be working.