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About Your Tester

Sophie Howlett“I went through years knowing I was allergic to something but not being able to work out what. I cut out caffeine, chocolate, all sorts of things to try and work it out. I went to my GP and asked to be referred for testing and was sent to London for a “pin prick” test. The doctor in London told me that I wasn’t allergic to anything and that the reactions I was having to certain substances were “impossible”. In the waiting room I sat next to another woman who had also been told she had “no allergies” but said that last time she had eaten one of the things she had been tested for she had been hospitalised.

“I knew there had to be another way. I contacted Allergy Test UK and within my one hour test was able to confirm my suspicions of what I was allergic to and rule out other things that created no problem at all and yet I’d been needlessly cutting out of my diet. It was so liberating to know what I could finally eat with no problems.

“The way we eat in the UK has changed immeasurably in the last few decades. And the NHS cannot cope with the amount of people who know that something is not quite right with their bodies or digestive systems. It is so common to hear that after undergoing horrible tests all someone has been told is they have IBS. But what does this really mean? What should they be avoiding or doing to prevent such problems?

“I have become an allergy tester so that I can help people to understand their bodies’ reactions to certain things and help them to eat as well, and live as well, as they possibly can.”